Boys In Motion

I’ve taught many Contact classes to college students, in the context of the Oberlin Dance department. I also ran a movement program based on my Contact experience and work with Hilltown Youth in the Boys and Girls Club for elementary school boys in Oberlin.

Boys and Girls in Motion is an afterschool movement program for elementary schoolers in the town of Oberlin. Our motto is Move Smart – Talk Smart – Be Smart.

At Boys in Motion, I would work with a group of 10-15 elementary school boys from the Boys and Girls club in town. I’d teach them dance and movement, and we’d play games together. This culminated in a performance for all their families as well as the Girls In Motion program that was also happening. Kids that age are hungry to move. They want to run, jump and climb all over everything. This program was focused on giving them a space to indulge that energy, as well as focus it in. We worked a lot with emotions, (move like you are angry, move like you are sad) and practiced using movement to express them and channel them appropriately.

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