Here is a selection of jobs that I’ve held in the last five years. Click each link to learn more about the organization and my role there.

The Hilltown Youth Performing Arts Programs

The Hilltown Youth Performing Arts Programs are innovative year-round after school and summer performing arts programs. Our mission is to build supportive, creative communities and to put on great shows! At the center of our work is the Recovery Theatre Intensives, performing arts experiences for teenagers overcoming addiction, trauma, and other mental and behavioral health challenges.

The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association

OSCA is a student-owned and student-operated non-profit corporation that provides at-cost housing and dining services to around 600 students at Oberlin College–a quarter of the student body. As an organization, OSCA is entirely separate from Oberlin College, but all OSCA member-owners are Oberlin College students.


SBP is a national disaster relief non profit in the United States. Its mission is to shorten the time between disaster and recovery. They identify five areas of intervention in disaster response that they work towards. Rebuilding homes, sharing best practices, prepare for future disaster, advise policy makers, and advocate for wider change.

Music At Grafton

The OMAG prison choir is built on a partnership between the Grafton Reintegration Center and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. The mission of the OMAG prison choir is to provide an opportunity for members of the GRC and Oberlin communities to engage in community-building, cooperative group learning, discipline, enhanced self-esteem building, and self-expression through music.

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