Here you can find projects, presentations, and courses of study I’ve completed at Oberlin College. Click each link to learn more, and to see examples of my work.


I graduated Oberlin with a major in Psychology. Along with an understanding of the field of psychology, the department gave me strong, interdisciplinary, writing, critical thinking and quantitative skills that can be applied anywhere.

Bodily Awareness in Dance Project

I designed and ran an experiment through the psychology department, comparing the ability of different dance forms to teach interoception, or how well you can feel your own bodily sensations.

Maine Aquaculture Project

A year long research project I started at Williams-Mystic and am finishing in the psychology department at Oberlin. I developed a framework for community leaders to assess new businesses interested in moving in, and am analyzing a community conflict between the residents of Belfast, ME, and the aquaculture company Nordic Aquafarms. I’m currently finishing the psychological aspect of this research, so this is the policy report.

Writing Samples

Here are writing samples from my time in school. There are quantitative pieces, academic pieces, some conceptual, creative pieces, and some grants that I have written.

The Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program

A collaboration between Williams College and Mystic Seaport Museum, Williams-Mystic is a transformative semester-long academic investigation of the sea accompanied by original research opportunities and travel throughout the United States.

Contact Improvisation

Created in 1972, as a winter term project at Oberlin College, I practiced this dance form all four years at school. It is an improvised partnering form focused on weight sharing, momentum, and manipulating a shared point of physical contact.


While in school, I’ve had several opportunities to present my work. I’ve presented on behalf of Hilltown Youth, giving a pitch to raise money, and I’ve presented my own research. I currently don’t have any of my research presentations recorded, so this link brings you to the presentation I gave on behalf of Hilltown Youth.

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