Psychology at Oberlin is distinctive for its depth, variety, and research opportunities. This broad science field includes such subjects as biological, cognitive, and developmental psychology, as well as social perspectives on normal and abnormal behavior. Interdisciplinary in nature, it often serves as a gateway to other academic and professional programs. Discovery through psychological research is emphasized as students conduct experiential investigations in laboratory courses, participate actively in faculty projects, and engage in independent studies. In this rigorous degree, 80% of students conduct research outside the classroom.

Find The Oberlin Psychology Department

The Psychology department at Oberlin equipped me with strong quantitative skills; taking advanced research methods classes and two full statistical research methods courses. I was also able to do much of my own research. I designed and ran a study on bodily awareness, that combined my interest for psychology and dance. That paper can be found below. I also did work designing a recycling contamination intervention for the city of Oberlin, and wrote a thesis on a conflict over aquaculture from a social psychological perspective. As I transition towards graduate school, I am grateful not just for the background in the field that I hope to enter, but also for the skills that I gained from this specific department. I learned to think systematically and scientifically, I have a strong understanding of social psychology and other psychology disciplines that will complement a career as a clinical psychologist.

My Work In Psychology

Here you can view the independent research project I conducted comparing bodily awareness between dance classes.

Here you can view a sample of the courses I took in the department, along with other science and research courses.

Along with independent research, I have gotten to do several supervised research projects. Here is an app for teenagers in chronic pain that I helped work on.

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