Writing Samples

Here are many different samples of my writing. They are different lengths, I’ve split them into three numbers. 1’s are the short pieces, just a few paragraphs. 2’s are one to two pages, and if it has a 3 it means it’s a full length paper. Almost all of these pieces can be accessed through different pages on my site. This is a compilation of all the pieces you’ll find in the portfolio, only one or two you can only read through this page.


Bodily Awareness in Dance Research Paper – 3
Aquaculture Psychology Paper – 3
Marine Ecology Research Paper – 3
Research Methods Lab Project – 1
Aquaculture Policy Paper – 3


Contact Quarterly Submission – 1
Environmental Crisis Dance Class Blog – 2
Structure and Partnership in Community-Based Programs – 2


Hilltown Youth Grant – 2


Hilltown Youth and Documentary Songwriting Blog – 2
Literature of the Sea Movie Analysis – 3
Maritime History Institutional Violence – 3

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